"I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude to Shirley Matlock. I started working with Shirley in February 2013 and just purchased my first house, with Shirley’s help, in April 2013. A prior customer, who was also a first time homebuyer, referred me to Shirley and he raved about his experience. I screened several other real estate agents before I started working with Shirley. As soon as I met Shirley, I knew I found the agent I was looking for!

     "Shirley made me feel immediately comfortable. She answered all my questions and never made me feel like I had a stupid question, which was important because despite reading several books I needed help understanding the real estate process. She was extremely available and accommodated my hectic schedule. She always made time to talk to me, even well after the workday was over.

     "Another thing I really appreciate about Shirley and know certainly enhanced my home buying experience was Shirley got to know me and tailored her services to what I needed, when I needed it. She knew when I needed encouragement, reassurance, guidance or advice – and she gave it. I am the type of person that hates to feel pushed and I can be very indecisive – I am sure this combination is a real estate agent’s worst nightmare. But not Shirley!! Shirley never pushed me, she gave me all the information and advice I needed to make an informed and speedy decision, which is critical in this market, and once the contract has been accepted. My deal was especially difficult because the seller fought everything and tried to change several elements at the last minute. However, Shirley fought for me every step of the way and I got everything that I wanted.

     "When I signed papers to work with Shirley she promised to hold my hand every step of the way and she certainly followed through on the promise. I am glad she did because it would have been stressful without her support. When we move to our next home, I will absolutely use Shirley and her “A-team” (lender, title company and home inspector) again. She truly surrounds herself with a wonderful team that strives to educate and make the home buying experience enjoyable. I enthusiastically recommend Shirley to anyone and have already recommended Shirley to several friends and colleagues. I am confident no one that uses Shirley’s service will regret the decision."


     "I am writing to express my pleasure with my real estate agent Shirley Matlock who represented me in the recent purchase of my town home.  She guided me through the entire process from loan pre-qualification to searching for houses to making the offer and closing the deal.  I credit her with a smooth, stress-free home buying experience.  This is my first purchase of property, and I had such a pleasurable experience.  She is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out.  I never could have gotten my dream home without her.  To reiterate, I am nothing but pleased with her expertise and recommend her to everyone; I will be her reference for life."

- KIM R.W.

     "We are writing to express our pleasure working with Shirley Matlock, who helped and represented us with our recent purchase of a single-family home.

     "We are first-time home buyers and Shirley was patient, and guided us throughout the whole home-buying process thereby making our transaction smooth and stress-free.  She is true to her word when she says that she treats her clients with utmost care and like Family.

     "She has done so much for us… from quick responses to our simple queries, giving advices and notes as of what to expect in buying a house, sending and reminding us of to-do-lists every step of the way, giving us feedbacks regarding the location/vicinity of the houses we’ve looked at, suggestions/advices for simple or major repairs and maintenance of houses, helping us in making the offer on the house and closing the deal, referrals to very good people (i.e. home inspector & titling company) who we worked with in making the transaction quick and easy, and sending informative monthly newsletters.

     "Shirley is very professional, friendly, reliable and very knowledgeable in her field.  We highly recommend having Shirley Matlock to anyone who needs a savvy realtor."


      "My husband and I have truly enjoyed working with you as our Real Estate Agent.  You represent an epitome of professionalism.  Shirley you were very knowledgeable, and your expertise and resources helped immensely in us getting our house.  When you said it will be done, it was done.  Shirley what a pleasure, and your marketing skills are what is required in today's market.  We would recommend you highly to anyone.  Thank You Again!!!"


     "When I was looking for a place to buy, a co-worker recommended Shirley Matlock to me.  My co-worker said that Shirley had helped most of her family members and my co-worker to buy  and sell their properties.  I met Shirley and understood why my co-worker recommended her to me.  I agree with my co-worker when she said Shirley was the best real estate agent she had ever met.

     "Shirley is very professional and friendly at the same time.  She has great negotiation skills, is knowledgeable, helpful, persistent, patient, gives great advice, and truly does the best for her clients.  She helped me and my husband in the process of buying our first house.  It was a difficult process for us as we did not understand the real estate business very much.  I believe that we would not have bought the house if we did not have Shirley to help us.

     "Shirley listened to us and understood what we wanted.  She made the process simple and smooth for us.  She was attentive and always responded to our questions in a short time period.  She demonstrated knowledge and had patience to explain things to us and guide us.  Shirley helped us negotiate and get the best deal in the house.  She also helped us with all the details during and after the negotiation.

     "Shirley is amazing and I am thankful I met her.  I am glad my co-worker recommended her to us.  It was a pleasure working with her.  Therefore, I highly recommend Shirley Matlock’s real estate services."


     "I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Shirley Matlock as a realtor.  Throughout the entire process, Shirley was professional, enthusiastic, and conscientious.  I always felt as though she had my best interest at heart.

     "Initially, I was uncertain of the asking price.  But Shirley’s expertise provided me with the best listing price.  Within a week, we had two interested buyers.  Consequently, within 30 days of listing the house, it sold for more than what I wanted.

     "As a person, Shirley was a pleasure to work with!  She is easy to talk to, a good listener, and was readily available.  She was always prompt at returning my calls and answering my questions.  Best of all, Shirley is a Realtor who makes it her job to help you meet YOUR GOALS rather than her own!

     "I highly recommend Shirley to anyone who is looking for a highly effective, knowledgeable, compassionate, wise, and reliable real estate agent.

     "She is in the top of her class."


     "The sale of my Columbia one-bedroom condominium is complete and the new owner is now enjoying the wonderful Heatherfield community.  I want to thank you for all of your work, help and advice in closing this sale.

     "I especially appreciate all of your help and advice during the showing of the property, since I moved to Michigan part way through the process.  First of all, you provided advice on staging the property.  The pictures that resulted looked great.  Second, as the sale progressed and some additional work needed to be completed to comply with the results of the inspection, I really appreciated your providing advice on hiring a plumber and in scheduling him to do the work.  Third, since the buyer wanted a pre-settlement lease, again, your advice was wonderful.  You took care of everything but my arrangement for insurance coverage.  And, working with the buyer’s agent, you were on top of all the activities.  Using emails, you kept me informed throughout the process.

     "Consequently, the closing went very smoothly.  In my estimation, you really earned your commission.  And the result was the sale of the property at a good price consistent with the market equivalents.

     "Again, many thanks for your support and expertise throughout the process."


     "Thank you so much for your assistance with the sale of my Mom’s property. Your courtesy, patience, and caring for my Mom throughout the whole process were very much appreciated.

     "My Mom started out selecting you as her broker, knowing as a retired Real Estate Broker, of your professionalism and skill, but as time went on raved about you as a friend.

     "This is a difficult time Real Estate wise, and it seems your skill assisted the process with the buyer’s loan. Your professionalism and friendship were valued and appreciated."


     "I’ve moved in to my new home and happy to be here. Thank you for your patience with me as I sold my home of forty years. There were many good memories there, but I knew it was time to downsize. You guided me through the whole process. When I had a question, you called right back or even came to the house.

     "I couldn’t ask for a more professional or caring realtor. Thanks to you pricing and advertising my house sold in just a week. If any of my friends want to sell or buy a house, I will recommend you."


     "Last year (2011) I was in search of a home in Baltimore area.  I was finishing up my last semester at Penn State and working 40 hours a week as an intern with Whiting Turner Contracting Company.  Being three hours away with a jam packed schedule and very little prior experience with buying a home merited that I not just get a good realtor but the best.

     "In my opinion I found the best.  Fortunately I was able to acquire the home that I wanted in the area that I wanted.  In searching for a realtor I found that some realtors were not accountable and unreliable.  Being a Veteran, I value promptness and accountability.  Luckily for me, I found Shirley Matlock through a Loan agency referral system.  Shirley was all that I wanted in a real estate agent and more.  She was always on time and if she was stuck in traffic she would always call to let me know what was going on.  Shirley was always prepared at each home walkthrough, with a packet of information about each home that I could refer to throughout my walkthroughs and take notes in case I forgot to bring some paper along.  She would always actively observe the home we were viewing alongside my family and myself as we walked through the home, always pointing out any possible problems that I might be concerned with and ensuring that I was satisfied with the walkthrough before moving on.  In negotiations Shirley would always be very quick in producing an offer and a contract.  She would even work late into her free time to get the contract agreed upon.  I always knew that she was working on making sure that I got the best deal on the home that I wanted.  There is no need to question Shirley’s dedication.  Once I closed on the home that I wanted, Shirley was once again ready with a packet of information to ensure that I had everything I could possibly need to have the smoothest transition possible into my new home.

     "I would recommend to anyone who is looking to purchase a home no matter where they are looking to contact Shirley Matlock.  She will ensure that your new home purchase will go smoothly."


    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me through the home buying process. As you are well aware, buying a home can be a very confusing and stressful time for a buyer, but your knowledge and patience made the process easy and enjoyable. I will certainly keep you in mind for any future sales and/or purchases, and I plan to recommend you to others for your hard work and dedication."


       "I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Shirley Matlock as a realtor.  Shirley helped me sell a house that was part of an estate for which I was responsible.  At all times, Shirley was professional and conscientious.  She went above and beyond the call of duty, even after the sale.  Shirley brought a vast amount of experience to the sale, including detailed research of similar homes, expert staging advice, and a network of professionals to prepare the house for market, to help with the sale of the contents, and rapidly complete repairs and other tasks that were needed to sell the house.  Her eye for photographic composition and her knowledge of Internet marketing helped present the house in the best possible way to the widest audience.

     "Shirley returned my phone calls and email so promptly that I felt as if I were her only client.  After the sale, she helped me follow up with the settlement company, getting their assistance when requests that I made to them did not receive prompt attention.  Because of Shirley’s efforts and expertise, the house sold in a difficult market in the timeframe that we needed."


     “Shirley is a consummate professional.  I began working with Shirley in 1997 as a recent college graduate looking for my first home.  Since then she has supported me in the purchase and sale of three homes.  Her attention to detail has provided not only a sense of comfort and security for me, but for all parties involved in the process.  We have worked together during both phenomenal and challenging times with the housing market.  Her honesty, integrity, and extensive knowledge have enabled me to refer her to friends, colleagues and strangers without any hesitancy or reservations.  Over the years Shirley has become not only my realtor, but a valued friend.”


      “I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated everything you have done in my buying process.  Whenever any of my friends, family, or co-workers are ready to move as first-time buyers, buying a new home, or selling a home, I will surely refer them to you.  You made it easy for me to move right in without any hiccups along the way.  You made me understand how important it is to have a home inspection and what I possibly could have walked into if I did not have one.  You were very patient with me and the thousands of questions I had and will continue to have.  No matter how big or small my questions were, you answered them.  You negotiated things needed on my behalf and for that I want to say thank you.

     "My accomplishment in life was being a soldier, finishing college, landing a career, and now home ownership.  Thank you for helping me to achieve one of my highest accomplishments this far!  I don’t know what goals to go for next after this; seems as though I outdid myself and have to rework that list again!  All I know is that my son can actually look at me as he grows as a great provider, an achiever, and most of all a great mom.  This home hunt was more for him to be comfortable with it than anything else, and he is loving his free space, his own bathroom, and most of all it’s his!!”


     "Mrs. Matlock was extremely professional and accommodating and was able to help me through every step of the process of buying a home.  When I had trouble securing a loan, she was able to put me in touch with the right person to get me one; when searching, she was willing to go through many homes with me and was helpful in pointing out what kinds of things to look for, and avoid.

     "When the time came, she was able to take in consideration everything surrounding my situation and help me find the final and best few homes.  Once they were selected, she fought to get me the best deal, and surprised me greatly with what she was able to secure.  All the way through closing and into the house, she continued providing me support when I had questions or wanted to understand more of the process.

     "From providing access to a pool of homes in my specification to getting me boxes to help move my stuff, she was with me every step of the way, and if you can snag her, it’ll make house buying a spectacular ride."


     "I am grateful to Shirley Matlock for her help in finding and helping me to buy my lovely home.  It was wonderful having someone I could call on for much-needed advice.  I consider her an expert in real estate."

- EVA A.

     ”I am writing to express our appreciation to Ms. Shirley Matlock as a realtor. Throughout the entire process Ms. Matlock was professional and conscientious. Moreover, what makes her different from other realtors is that she cares about her clients.

     "During the process, Ms. Matlock was organized, thorough and personable. She listened attentively as we explained our situation. She offered objective viewpoints and was respectful during negotiation. She is very knowledgeable about every aspect of realty and provided the information beyond buying a home; furthermore, her willingness to help was priceless. Ms. Matlock provided clear, detailed, fair and accurate work at every turn.

     "As a person, Ms. Matlock was a pleasure to work with, easy to talk to, a good listener, easy to contact, and always patient in answering all of my questions. I still enjoy her newsletter Shoptalk and others like it too.

     "It is our pleasure to recommend Ms. Matlock to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”






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